Squid / Cuttlefish Fishing

Squid or Cuttlefish Fishing Portimão Algarve

Squid or Cuttlefish Fishing Portimão Algarve – These species feed and live in shallow water, therefore this type of fishing is carried out relatively close to shore. The lures are made from pins in various shapes and forms – when they are moved in the water they attract the prey.

  • Duration: 8 horas
  • Portimão Marina
  • 10 people maximum
  • Lunch on board included

Squid or Cuttlefish Fishing Portimão Algarve

The departure is from Portimão Marina and the trip can be made wither eastwards towards Faro, or westwards towards Sagres. The fishing takes place between these two geographical points as this vast area offers good fishing grounds due to large areas of sand and ideal climatic conditions. We navigate to the chosen fishing ground – usually less than one mile from the coast, where the tide and wind will keep the craft in constant movement. This enhances the chances of a better catch. There will be time for a light meal, previously arranged, before the return to Portimão Marina.

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Portimão Marina, Algarve

The craft is moored in Portimão Marina from where all our activities commence. In the western Algarve there are other points of disembarkation, but this option is only available by private arrangement.

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