Algarve Fishing Trips Portimão

Algarve Fishing Trips Portimão A paradise for fishing enthusiasts. Great for all family.
Best craft for sport fishing.

Big Game Fishing Algarve Portimao Portugal

Big Game Fishing

We use artificial or natural lures to catch big fish like Blue Marlin, White Marlinand Bluefin Tuna.

Squid Cuttlefish Fishing Portimao Algarve

Squid or Cuttlefish Fishing

Lures are made from pins in various shapes and forms, when they are moved in the water they attract the prey.

Traditional Fishing Portimao Algarve

Traditional Fishing

This involves catching small fish to be used as live bait for catching bigger fish.

Shark Fishing

Shark Fishing

We use bait (alive or dead) adrift in search of catch the blue shark. We use fishing rods or we can choose the traditional method that is line by hand.

Bottom Fishing Portimao Algarve

Bottom Fishing

This is the most practiced type of fishing. A hand line or a rod and reel may be used.

Jigging Fishing Portimao Algarve

Jigging Fishing

This fishing involves using a jiga head sinker with hooks molded into it. It comes in different shapes, forms and colours.

Deep Sea Fishing Portimao Algarve

Deep-Sea Fishing

This fishing enables the capture of fish only found in deeper waters e.g. Wreck Fish, Black Spot Sea Bream, Glass Eye, among others.

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Quotes & Bookings

About the Craft

RODMAN 12.50 Fisher & Cruiser Fly

Rodman craft has the capacity for 12 people – 10 passengers and 2 crew. The comfort of the craft is enhanced by the ‘top-of-the-range’ equipment and excellent service.

Technology and Security

Equipped with kitchen, lounge and wc



Portimão Marina, Algarve

The craft is moored in Portimão Marina from where all our activities commence. In the western Algarve there are other points of disembarkation, but this option is only available by private arrangement.

Available Transport Options

This ensures the efficiency of timetable and the comfort of the client’s transfer to the craft.